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  • Offices located in the city centre
  • Near subway stations

Standing at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is an impressive cultural hub and gateway to the world. It has achieved this status by undertaking a number of major projects, including building the world’s largest airport, a 76-km underground rail network and a third bridge over the Bosphorus. In the past four years, more than a million people have visited Istanbul, drawn by the city’s historical appeal as much as by Turkey’s amazing growth (more than 60% from 2003 to 2012). In light of this expansion, new markets are opening up for businesses able to meet the specific needs of the energy sector, such as petroleum prospecting, petrochemistry, electricity and machinery. Energy isn’t the only promising sector – biotechnologies, construction and logistics are other potential spheres of interest for Québec businesses.

7 closed offices

High-speed internet access and Wi-Fi (IT service included)
Telephone lines
Multifunction photocopier

Common infrastructure
Meeting room