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Expansion Québec est votre réseau d’affaires à São Paulo

São Paulo is the economic heart of Brazil

The city of São Paulo is at the economic heart of Brazil. Located in the southeastern part of the country, São Paulo brings together a variety of crucial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and metallurgy. It is the largest city in the southern hemisphere and the most important financial, commercial and industrial hub in Latin America. Brazil has a promising market outlook in the areas of communications and green technologies. This makes it an interesting option for businesses seeking to operate in this country of 200 million people or to optimize their exports in the South American continent. As the Brazilian proverb goes “Good tree, good fruit” – in other words, the time is ripe to explore São Paulo’s fertile business environment.

4 workspaces (open spaces, double offices, etc.)

High-speed internet access and Wi-Fi
Telephone lines
Multifunction photocopier

Common infrastructure
Meeting room