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Simay Solyu, Director of ERAI Turkey


Simay SOYLU is General Manager of ERAI Turkey and has been working for 11 years about business development in Turkish market for more than 400 foreign companies. Ms SOYLU started as a junior project manager in 2003 for Turkey representative office of CIC Bank, which is one of the biggest bank in Europe. From 2006 till 2009, Ms SOYLU worked as a project manager in TURNKEY, a private consultancy company. In 2009, Ms SOYLU joined ERAI Turkey as a director of branch.

From 2003 Ms SOYLU
created business opportunities in Turkey for more than 400 SMEs & multinational companies from various sectors (automotive, mechanical, plastic, construction, consumer goods, IT, services etc.) with different demands such as market
research, setting-up distributorships & sourcing network and provided implementation assistance for setting up of their subsidiaries
several companies in the field of insurance, automotive industry and slow moving consumer goods such as DECATHLON, APRIL GROUP, GROUP SEB, NTN-SNR, CAMPINGAZ-COLEMAN, MAPED etc.