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Aleksandra Tojcic

Controller& CPA-CA, Coveo

I’m totally satisfied with the services provided by Expansion Québec. They find very quickly a solution no matter what kind of request is made. Their cooperation and their professionalism were very appreciated…

Jean-Marc Evenat M.Sc. Env.

Director, Environnement – International, WSP

“Expansion Québec’s services were sufficiently flexible to allow WSP to take its first step, working in a prestigious environment in Ouagadougou. We had access to offices well adapted to our needs and support from a local representative with in-depth business knowledge.”

Dominic Sévigny

CEO, Smartuse

“Expansion Québec provides us with fundamental support for our expansion in the United States. A big thank you to the New York team’s availability, flexibility, words of encouragement, smiles… We highly recommend Expansion Québec to any company seeking to establish a solid foundation for growth.”

Christophe Giaume


Expansion Québec allowed us to accelerate our development in the US with a complete service offer. They managed to link us with external providers, they showed a great availability, and they look for a perfect understanding of the individual problematic of each company by providing personalized advice.

Alexandre Lamoureux

VP Operation, Acquisio

“Finally! A practical initiative aimed at helping Québec businesses set up abroad. ‘Miss Andrée’ (as everyone calls her), who heads up Expansion Québec’s New York office, is an extraordinary woman, full of energy… and resources! Located in the heart of New York City, the offices are set up for meeting with clients, tastefully furnished by a Québec company and equipped with the latest technology. Acquisio is happy to be taking part in this new experience.With the help of Expansion Québec, Acquisio is now pursuing its business development plan and improving its presence in New York!”

Hugo St-Laurent

President and CEO, SiliCycle

With 7% of our revenues already being generated in China, it’s important for SiliCycle to establish a presence and develop a structured sales approach. The growth potential for our products is there! With the help of Expansion Québec and the Government of Québec, we have access to a physical space and receive solid support. Our first China-based employee started in the fall of 2012…